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    Dr. Stafford's Musical Cures

    The magic of children

    "Since the beginning of time, children have not liked to study. They would much rather play, and if you have their interests at heart, you will let them learn while they play; they will find that what they have mastered is child's play." Carl Orff

    About Dr. stafford

    My life has been complete with a retired art teacher husband and two wonderful daughters. One daughter is a music teacher herself (as is her husband), and my other daughter is a comfort to animals as a worker with a local groomer. Her husband works for our local newspaper.
    My church is a family to me. I’ve been privileged to work with our local LOGOS activities doing music activities and have just started facilitating community drumming! Through sharing my music with flute, recorder, and piano, I feel I provide the best gift I can to the Lord.
    I love yoga. It started as a stress/weight/arthritis thing but is a terrific escape. I also consider myself somewhat of a novice herbal gardener. Attending painting parties with my dear friend and former colleague is another relaxer (unless I get too carried away with dabbing and layering). I have also begun to swim more in my quest to improve my health and lose weight.
    What am I like personally? A little goofy. Somewhat scatterbrained. (I set up class jobs in my classroom, one called “Mrs. Stafford’s Brain”.). I love a good laugh with M*A*S*H reruns, Late Night with Stephan Colbert, and Friday Tonight Shows and thank you notes. I love a good cry with Grey’s Anatomy, This Is Us, and the Good Doctor. And laughing at my doggy, Honey and kitty, Lenore.


    I just completed my Ph.D. in music education from the University of Kansas AND retired from the School District of Washington in Washington, MO. I have also taught for St. Louis Public Schools, New Haven MO Public Schools, Adrian MO Public Schools, and Kingsville MO Public Schools.
    Now, since I don't golf and since my husband and I can't decide together on how things should be in the house.....I started a new career as Music Director for my church, directing chancel choir and handbells. I LOVE it. And, of course, keeping up with the Musical Cures here and at my
    TPT store.
    As a fully certified Orff Schulwerk educator, I think my somewhat unstructured by somewhat structured personality comes through. With movement, improvisation, and childlike play, my students get a terrific music experience.
    I am also certified in
    Kodály. As I incorporate it more and more, I find it’s a beautiful balance with my Orff training. I wish I had started it sooner! My students love the solfege and creating their own music with it. Too many music approaches…too little time!
    I love teaching music. Music is a verb. Music is an a-ha moment with the right approach. Teaching music, for me, is a treasure, no matter if my students are 5 or 65. As I near the end of my public teaching career, I’m excited for the horizons coming! And I’m excited to share this with all of you.
    Keep sharing your music. Keep sharing your gift.